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INFO SHEET: Planning a PermaBlitz

INFO SHEET: Planning a PermaBlitz

by Russ Grayson, updated May 2020.

Permablitz is an invention of the permaculture design system. It is as applicable in the community garden as it is in the home garden.

Permablitz is a way for community gardens needing assistance in construction, garden bed preparation or maintenance by crowdsourcing it from outside the community garden membership.

To conduct a permablitz, organisers:

  • find a community garden that needs work to build or remake it or a part of it
  • organise with the community garden team a date for the permablitz
  • determines who will supply the needed materials and how
  • negotiate exactly what is to be done
  • manage work during the permablitz.

Alternatively, a community garden team may take the initiative to organise a permablitz to accelerate development of their garden.

To succeed with a permablitz, participation in and connections to relevant networks are essential as it is through permaculture, community gardening and associated networks that news of the permablitz spreads. A means to doing this is to join the Community Gardens Australia state based Facebook discussion groups.

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