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Category: City farms

Chook pen design at Perth City Farm

An example of a chicken run at Perth City Farm...

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Calmsley Hill City Farm, an early foray into urban farming education

An example of sustainability education and urban farming before they became popular...

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Healing gardens at Perth City Farm

Story by Toni Salter, September 2015... Perth City Farm is certainly an example of how many different people can experience

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It’s roll-your-own compost at city farm

At Brisbane's Northey Street City Farm, they make compost the rolling way...

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Small urban livestock offers protein in small spaces

Small urban livestock offer productivity in a small area and a supply of fresh meat. A city farm demonstrates how

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Celebrating food, community gardens and conviviality

The 2007 Australian City Farms & Community Gardens Network conference visited Melbourne community gadrens and ended with a day at

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Beelarong — challenge and triumph

Beelarong Community Farm is something unique in suburban Morningside, with its community involvement, renewable energy systems and greywater recycling.

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