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Category: Fruits

Ruby Red Grapefruit

A small to medium evergreen tree that grows 5-6m. Leaves are dark green, oval and glossy and flowers are white

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The papaya is a fast-growing, tree-like plant that grows up to 10m...

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The edible fruit has the most wonderful taste similar to mangosteen and can be used to make jams and preserves.

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A beautiful tree with edible fruit that is perfect for any food forest in the tropics. 

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CONNECT with Community Food Forests and Orchard

A video about Gavin Hardy's passion and expertise in creating innovative public green spaces...

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Black Sapote

A lush evergreen tree typically reaching about 10m in height, it has been known to grow to 25m in some

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Black Mulberry

In the tropics, this tree tends more towards being a spindly shrub that can grow up to about 4m in

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If your community garden is in a warm climate with plenty of rain, a compact clump of bananas will provide

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Black sapote — chocolate pudding fruit

It is soft, black and gooey. It looks past its prime. It is all these things and it is delicious...

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Pawpaw — another fast fruit

Another of the fast-fruits, Pawpaw is well worth planting in community gardens in the warm temperate to tropical zone.

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