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Category: New South Wales

Vote for Food – Scorecard

Vote for Food — an analysis and scorecard of major parties’ policies on food systems, farming and sustainability for the

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Climate Action Through Gardening

Introducing the UN Assoc. of Australia Young Professionals 2022 National Event Series, My Climate Action with CGA's Jimi Gatland...

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How to host a Sydney Regional Community Garden MeetUp

Our MeetUPs are an informal social gathering where gardeners have a chance to share the highlights of what has been

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2015 Sydney Community Garden Regional MeetUP at Charlie’s Garden

IN WHAT IS PROBABLY Sydney's smallest community garden, visitors on Sunday got a big welcome.

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2015 Delicious food at the Sydney Regional MeetUP at Pittwater

Great bunch of people and fantastic food growing, recycling of waste to chooks, worms and compost, beautiful building and

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2015 Sydney MeetUP — Camden CG

PLANTS AND PEOPLE come together in community gardens to create a sense of place, a sense of community and

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2015 Sydney CG meetUP — May — Rosebay CG

THE OCCASIONAL BURSTS of cold wind off the harbour did little to diminish the conviviality of the circle sharing their

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2014 Sydney regional gathering — Carss Park CG

Thank you Carss Park Community Garden for a wonderful regional gathering yesterday.

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