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CGA Constitution

Community Gardens Australia is a limited liability company. Read our Constitution by following the download link below.

Below is a copy of the preliminary section of the Constitution.


1. Name of the company

The name of the company is Community Gardens Australia Ltd (the company).

2. Type of company

The company is a not-for-profit public company limited by guarantee which is

established to be, and to continue as, a charity.

3. Limited liability of members

The liability of members is limited to the amount of the guarantee in clause 4.

4. The guarantee

Each director must contribute an amount not more than $1 (the guarantee) to the property

of the company. If the company is wound up, this contribution will pay for the:

(a) debts and liabilities of the company, or

(b) costs of winding up.

5. Definitions

In this constitution, words and phrases have the meaning set out in clauses 75 and 77.

Read more details in our constitution by clicking on the link below.