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We are currently setting up the new website for Community Gardens Australia. The membership application process will be available on the new site shortly.
In the interim, if your garden is interested in becoming a member, please let us know and we will get back to you with more information.

[ Send an enquiry to the Membership Coordinator ]

A few frequently asked questions about membership...

Membership: Who can become a member?

ACFCGN is an advocacy and networking group serving Australian city farms and community gardens. We expect the vast majority of our members to be organisational, the membership is held in the name of an organisation (eg, a city farm or community garden).

Organisations: Do we need to be incorporated?

Being incorporated is less important than being a group. Many groups are quite informal: the point is that to be a group there has to be some decision process. Through this process the group will indicate that it wishes to become a member of ACFCGN. The resulting membership will be in the name of the group, eg: Glovers Garden is the member. In order to vote and manage communications, your group will need to nominate an actual person (or officer role) to be the contact point for your group.

Individuals: Can an individual join?

Individuals can also join, though this is a rare situation since the ACFCGN's role is to represent organisations. Simply complete the membership form and the Committee will review your application in due course.

Voting: Who can vote?

We have two classes of membership: Members and Associates. Members vote, Associates do not. You can nominate to be in either class and the Committee will review.

Generally speaking, we expect full Members to actively participate in the governance and ongoing business of the ACFCGN. Associates join largely because they wish to support our work, but they do not have a direct stake in the governance of the organisation.

Fees: Funded vs UnFunded

We ask you to self-assess your funding situation and select the most reasonable fee. Memberships fees are the only core funding we have to pay for services and benefits to members: the point of collecting these fees is to pool them nationally and return benefits to you locally.


By joining the ACFCGN, you help us educate and work towards food secure cities, tasty food systems and new opportunities and support the development of the Map Directory and the ongoing development of this website and eNEWS.

Within its capacity, the Network:

  • advocates on behalf of community gardens, city farms and community food systems
  • provides education and information on our website and social media
  • advises local government, institutions and communities interested in establishing community gardens
  • documents the development of community gardening in Australia
  • is available to the media.

As  a member you can:

  • list your organisation in the Map Directory
  • receive a regular eNEWS
  • upload your courses and events
  • create a profile about your organisation


Funded gardens/organisations are those who receive ongoing monetary support from supporting organisation/s.

Unfunded gardens/organisations are member funded, and don't receive outside ongoing monetary support.

Individual memberships are available to those not able to join a city farm or community garden at this time but might like to join and support the Australian City Farms & Community Gardens Network (ACFCGN).

If you become an Individual member and would like to join the ACFCGN organising committee, simply contact your nearest city farm/community garden and ask them to write a letter of support. Committee members from each state are voted in at the Annual General Meeting.


  1. Jacqueline van Heerden

    Hi I am an individual who has established
    – verge gardening on my nature strip (6 raised beds)
    – a inner city community food forest
    – a verge garden on private land for at risk of aged homelesseness
    – a Permaculture garden for high rise families at the Venny Inc
    – a permaculture garden in Brusnwick at Marist Youth care (Now Jesuits)
    all trying to increase food security in my neighbourhood and have applied for and used council funding when successful
    Should I apply for membership as an individual or as a group

    1. Map Directory — John B

      Hi Jaqueline,
      The Network is primarily here to support”community”…and that comes in clumps (groups). From the sounds of it you could be responsible for 2-3 new memberships for the various group initiatives you’re involved with!
      We’re re-working the membership system at the moment. Please stay in touch…

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