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How to host a Sydney Regional Community Garden MeetUp

Our MeetUPs are an informal social gathering where gardeners have a chance to share the highlights of what has been

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It’s been 20 years — the eleven big achievements of the ACFCGN

IT HAS BEEN 20 years since the Australian City Farms & Community Gardens Network bloomed into existence like a seed

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2016 ACFCGN — our story at AGM

Outline of ACFCGN meeting — Murdock University Community Garden — 31 September 2016

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2016 ACFCGN rules

Rules of incorporation for ACFCGN in 2016...

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2016 — Costas Georgiadis, our ambassador, celebrates 20 years of ACFCGN

The Australian City Farms & Community Gardens Network is excited to have our ambassador, Costa Georgiadis (host of Gardening Australia)

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2015 ACFCGN gathering, Adelaide

What better place to talk community gardening than a building surrounded by all this food… a diverse forest of food

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The Network: community gardens as makerspaces

Community gardeners — they're a community of practice long a part of the fair food movement in Australia…

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Yes or no? Responding to requests for interviews

WHEN do requests for student interviews go from enough to too much?

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Directory of South Australian Community Gardens — 2012

2012 — community gardens around South Australia

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Sydney’s first community garden

...story by Russ Grayson first appeared in the ABC Organic Gardener magazine Autumn '06.
Jane Mowbray knew something was

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