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INFO SHEET: Creating a perma-culture

INFO SHEET: Creating a perma-culture

Permaculture is a blended word meaning ‘permanent culture’.

Design is the process of planning to meet a need and building whatever it is to meet that need. The permaculture design system is a means of making our homes, our neighbourhoods and our lives more resilient. We can apply its ideas and design principles as individuals, as organisations, as communities. 

Because permaculture principles can be applied in a wide range of areas such as food production, home energy and water efficiency, community development and cooperation, farming, land management, and more, another way to think of permaculture is as a platform of ethics and principles on which its practitioners develop useful applications.

Permaculture’s principles and ideas are applied in the city and country. The applications that people have developed span farming and urban food production, community trading systems, international development assistance, community education, small business and social enterprise, village development, and building design, among others.

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