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Category: Info sheet

How-to guides and information sheets

Download our information sheets by the link provided...

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INFO SHEET: Starting a community garden

There are two ways to start a community garden, from the bottom up or the top down.

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INFO SHEET: Common objections

There are a number of reasons that people have objections to the repurposing of public land for community garden development.

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INFO SHEET: Starting a community garden checklist

After visiting community gardens, use this checklist in a debriefing session....

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INFO SHEET: Plan of Management template

CGA has been working with local government and new community garden groups to...

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INFO SHEET: Starting with garden design

When it comes to our food-producing home and community gardens, design is the process by which we think then build...

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INFO SHEET: Understanding our site

Needs, sector, and site analysis bring together the information we need to build our community, home, or small-scale commercial market garden. 

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INFO SHEET: Materials for building

The public is protective of its public lands such as city parks, and poorly built and maintained community gardens are likely to trigger

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INFO SHEET: Thinking about safety

A guide to safety in the community garden... keeping gardening safe for all...

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INFO SHEET: Community gardening

Community gardens are found on land owned by local government, schools, churches, and on state government social housing estates.

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