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INFO SHEET: Community food systems

INFO SHEET: Community food systems

by Russ Grayson, updated May 2020.

Communities providing for themselves

Community food systems are a do-it-yourself way to obtain the food we prefer to eat. They can be social enterprises, small businesses, or community initiatives.

As small-scale local enterprises, community food systems reduce packaging waste, make fresh food available and support regional food economies.

Many benefits

  • Community food systems:
  • support regional growers, food processors and businesses to sustain local and regional economies
  • support community enterprise provide good, fresh food
  • establish direct links between grower and eater
  • encourage citizen cooperation and self-help
  • are a creative, do-it-yourself form of community development
  • make our food supply more secure increases the resiliency of our towns and cities when faced with food shortages due to disruption by weather, drought or the disruption to long food supply chains.

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