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INFO SHEET: Blogging our stories

INFO SHEET: Blogging our stories

by Russ Grayson, updated May 2020.

Let’s get our message out

HOW WOULD YOU LIKE to blog about your community gardening experience, about your garden, your ideas, the gardeners, the plants, the design and management of community gardens and city farms?

It’s not hard to do. That’s why we have written this brief guide about writing blogs for the Community Gardens Australia’s (CGA) website and social media. By following the material in the ‘how to write’ section you will create informative and interesting blogs that are published on our website.

Blogging our stories can be motivating to those just starting out and to others who have been growing the communal way for some time. It’s the sharing of our experience and knowledge that is key to building thriving and productive community gardens and city farms and to building the social movement emerging around these things.

CGA’s website and social media are the ideal place to get our stories out as they have national — even international — reach.

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