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Brown marmorated stink bug

Brown marmorated stink bug

Factsheet by AUSVEG, 2022

The brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) is one of Australia’s most unwanted exotic pests. It eats over 300 plants, including fruit and vegetables. Affected crops include sweet corn, tomato, cucumber, capsicum, carrot, beans, beets, eggplant, lettuce, peas, tomatoes, apples, peaches, apricots, and figs.

If BMSB establishes itself in Australia, it could infest our homes and gardens, cause economic and environmental harm, and threaten our fruit and vegetable industries.

Help protect your garden, your home, the environment and our industries by keeping an eye out for BMSB!

Where are they found?

The bug was first found in China, Japan, Taiwan, and Korea. It has since invaded the United States of America, Canada and various countries in Europe.

How could it get to Australia?

BMSB try to sneak their way into Australia through airports and seaports by hitching a ride in cargo, crates, containers, vehicles, or passenger luggage.

What damage does it cause?

The BMSB will eat the stem, fruit, leaves or seed of host crops. It affects each plant differently, but damage includes discolouration, deformities, and stunted growth.

Why should I be concerned?

  • BMSB will cause damage to horticultural crops, ornamental shrubs, and garden plants;
  • BMSB will become a nuisance and spend winter inside our homes and buildings; and BMSB will produce a smelly odour if disturbed. If you suspect BMSB in your garden, report it to the Exotic Plant Pest Hotline on 1800 084 881.

For more information on the Urban Biosecurity Program, contact Zali Mahony at AUSVEG on 03 9882 0277.

Factsheet produced by AUSVEG, Plant Health Australia and provided to Community Gardens Australia

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