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Category: Ideas


An annual in cooler regions and perennial in the tropics Okra will grow to 2m in height with few leaves

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Native ginger

The berries are known to activate the salivary glands so we're used to keep the mouth moist when bushwalking by

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The edible fruit has the most wonderful taste similar to mangosteen and can be used to make jams and preserves.

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A vigorous annual fruiting vine with vines growing up to 5m long. They look very similar to a cucumber vine

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Long Net Stinkhorn

A very unusual-looking fungus, the veiled stinkhorn grows up to 25cm high with a slimy, conical-shaped cap approx. 50mm x

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Lemongrass is a small clumping grass grows to a maximum 1m high with thicker white stems producing bright green leaves

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Kang Kong

A semiaquatic tropical perennial that produces edible leaves and tips year-round.

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Hummingbird Tree

The Hummingbird Tree is a softwood that grows to a height of between 3 and 10m.

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A perennial plant that grows to 2m it is best grown as an annual for its crop of long and

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A beautiful tree with edible fruit that is perfect for any food forest in the tropics. 

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