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Plant text by Naomi Lacey, feature photo City of Darwin

Common name: Madrono
Scientific name: Reedia madruno
Family, and related species: Clusiaceae

Description including form (tree, climber etc), other similar species

A beautiful tree that grows to 8m in a perfect conical Christmas tree shape. The leaves are dark green on top and lighter underneath. The small round fruit of about 3cm diameter produces year-round and is yellow to orange when ripe with soft flesh and a large seed inside.

Role/ characteristics/ use in permaculture

The edible fruit has the most wonderful taste similar to mangosteen and can be used to make jams and preserves.

It also makes a very attractive ornamental plant particularly if the lower branches are left on the tree so the canopy drops all the way to the ground.

Ecology and habitat requirements

Tolerant to a wide range of soil types madrono will also cope with a small amount of salinity. It doesn’t overly like soils with a high pH and although able to withstand short periods of cold it will not tolerate frost. 

Madrono has no known pests or diseases recorded.

Access to plants

Most commonly propagated from seed it also grafts well onto its own rootstock for a faster fruiting tree.

Available in Darwin from Tropiculture and some nurseries.


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