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Community garden roadshow

Community garden roadshow

Story and photos by Naomi Lacey, October 2023

The community gardens roadshow is well underway!

After 21 years living in Darwin I am moving to Canberra and had always planned to drive down.

As Chair of Community Gardens Australia (CGA) I thought it would be a great opportunity to meet with as many gardens and local councils as I could along the way to see what everyone is up to and what the current agendas and issues are for them all are.

It has been a fabulous experience and so lovely to meet with everyone whilst exploring their gardens with them. They are all so varied and a true reflection of the communities that are involved with them.

I think this will always be my favourite thing about community gardens – they are all so different and really showcase the community itself, what its needs, passions and drivers are.  

The local councils have really appreciated the opportunity to have a chat and some of them have really shared that they have good support in place for community gardens which is inspiring. New policies are being written, grants are being made available and resource support (such as free mulch delivery) is an option for many. Keep up the good work local government! You can help our gardens grow!

So far I have met with the following gardens and councils:

  • Manoora Community Garden, Cairns
  • The Green Space, Cairns – and community gardens coordinator from Cairns Regional Council
  • Townsville City Council & the edible, pollinator garden outside Council offices
  • Jack’s Paddock, Yeppoon (plus some smaller gardens in the centre of town)
  • Halcro St Community Garden, Hervey Bay
  • Fraser Coast Shire Council
  • Toowoomba Community Organic Garden, Toowoomba
  • Toowoomba Regional Council
  • Northey St Farm, Brisbane
  • Taringa Community Garden, Brisbane
  • Nerang Community Garden, Gold Coast
  • Ediblescapes Gardens, Gold Coast
  • Southern Beaches Community Garden, Gold Coast

And there are many more to come over the final two weeks of the journey as I head down through NSW. Thank you to everyone who has invited me to visit! It has been great to meet you all!

Naomi Lacey
CGA Chair

Below are some photos that I have gathered along the way for you to enjoy.

 Adam from Fraser Coast Shire Council at Halcro St Community Garden, Hervey Bay
 Sweet potato patch at TCOG, Toowoomba
Southern Beaches Community Garden, Gold Coast
Jack’s Paddock food forest, Yeppoon
Jack’s Paddock Community Garden welcome sign
 Townsville Council offices pollinator & edible garden
 Townsville Council offices pollinator & edible garden

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