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CGA’s National Gathering 2023

CGA’s National Gathering 2023

CGA National Gathering & SUSTAIN’S Urban Agriculture Forum
Three fabulous days of networking, tours, events, workshops and more! Over 50 inspiring speakers.

CGA and Sustain members receive 10% off of the full ticket price. If you are a member, please be sure to select the respective Member ticket option.

Tickets are on sale now

The Forum days are Friday 17 and Saturday 18 November with tours on Sunday 19 November 2023.

We are excited to present a jam-packed agenda featuring international guest speakers and a number of innovative Australian and International urban agricultural practices including groundbreaking new research in the field. 

Find out more about the program here.

Program — Friday 17 November:

  • Welcome
  • Keynote: Urban Agriculture and First Nations — Brendon More, Sharon Windsor
  • Keynote: Comprehensive Urban Agriculture Plans — Ashley Atkinson, Rabekha Siebert
  • Parallel A1: International Urban Agriculture Perspectives — Arun Kafle, Pablo Valentin Ermini
  • Parallel A2: Urban Agriculture in Local and Regional Australia — Belinda Thackeray, Fiona Berry, Julian Lee, Lauren Flaherty
  • Parallel A3: Community Farms — Bridget Bentley
  • Parallel B1: International Urban Agriculture  Bjorn Low, Fidaus Sani, Nadya Hutagalung
  • Parallel B2: Planning – Enablers and Barriers — Cathy Sherry, Evelyn Ivinson, Linda Marin-Chew
  • Parallel B3: Panel Discussion – Agriculture Careers and Education — Indiana Rhind
  • Parallel C1: Multi-functional Urban Agriculture — Chelsea McNab, Kate Neale, Leigh McGaghey, Meg Foots
  • Parallel C2: Urban Food and the Circular Economy — David Sivyer, Liane Colwell, Ramon Atayde
  • Parallel C3: Urban Agriculture – Documenting the Impacts — Eric Brymer, Rosie Welch
  • Parallel D1: Education and Learning — Ann Hill, Bethaney Turner, Dr Cathjy Wilkinson, Rachael Walshe
  • Parallel D2: Community Composting — Clytie Binder, Jacqulyn Evans, Myra Mow
  • Parallel D3: Wicking Masterclass with WaterUps — Eric Sturman
  • Parallel E1: First National Perspective — Ben Harry, Donia Bon, Rarunna Sebastian
  • Parallel E2: Perspectives on Food Security — Leslie Gordon, Lucy Payne, Prue Bauer
  • End of day plenary — Costa Georgiadis

Program — Saturday 18 November:

  • Welcome
  • Keynote: First Nations Gardens — Clarence Slockee
  • Keynote: Denver Urban Gardens — Linda Appel Lipsuis
  • Urban Agriculture and Permaculture — Hannah Moloney
  • Parallel A1: Community Food Growing in Practice — Brendan Bolton, Fiona Buining, Tim Sansom
  • Parallel A2: Gardens as Nourishing Terrains — Aleah Davison, Bridget O’Brien Dr Charlie Brennan
  • Parallel A3: Gardens and Food in Schools — Ben Shaw, De Chantal Hillis
  • Parallel B1: Minimising our Footprint Whilst Growing Food — Dominique Chen, Jacqui Besgrove, Morag Gamble
  • Parallel B2: Learning and Connecting in the Community Garden — Amy Tacey, Carol Perdigao, Jo Dean
  • Parallel B3: Growing Mushrooms — Nick Ritar
  • Parallel C1: Cultivating Food Growing Culture — Anna Jane Linke, Bethaney Turner
  • Parallel C2: Food Forests, Urban Orchards and Nature Strip Trees — Anastasia Gramatoakos, Jorge Cantellano
  • Parallel C3: Community Garden Governance — Emma Daniell
  • Parallel D1: Food Security and Urban Agriculture — Leonie Norrington, Manu Prigioni, Roby Clayfield
  • Parallel D2: Food Forest Workshop — Gavin Hardy
  • Parallel D3: First Nationa Stories — Deborah Lennis, Tarunna Sebastian, Terry Lennis, Wadiya Wirinya
  • Community Gardens Australia Awards 2023
  • End of Forum Plenary — Costa Georgiadis
  • Community Gardens Australia AGM 2023 — Naomi Lacey

Tours on Sunday 19th November, visit booking sites here:

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