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Looking for something in particular about community gardens? We have a range of information that you might find useful:

  • information sheets developed by CGA on topics like:
    • community gardening—getting started, checklists, plan of management, design, safety
    • gardening—organic gardening, composting, improving soil, pest management, food forests
    • verge gardens
    • permaculture
    • community food systems
    • how to write media releases and create blog stories.
  • fact sheets developed by gardeners in Darwin which include information about:
    • soils, pest and weed management, seed saving, planting, watering, recycling, chickens and patterns.
  • documents useful to community gardens such as:
    • how to plan your garden
    • how to start a community garden
    • examples of community gardens policy documents
    • the main objections encountered to community gardens
  • documents useful to local goverment:
    • examples of policy and guideline documents
    • a matrix for assessing gardens
    • ways that councils can support gardens
  • a poster about community gardens developed by CGA
  • an archive of theses and reports about community gardens
  • stories from our blog about:
    • Stories: city farms and community, school, therapy and verge gardens
    • Ideas: animals, aquaponics, plants, cooking and how to start a garden
  • CGA’s work:
    • from the National Committee: the team, Annual Survey, AGM, repots and info sheet
    • from State Coordinator: state by state information
  • an archive of CGA’s work — past gatherings, newsletters, reports, submissions, media, partnerships, evaluations, videos and annual survey of gardens.

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