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Community garden signs at Perth City Farm

Community garden signs at Perth City Farm

Video from Gavin Hardy, Community Garden Australia’s Queensland Community Garden Coordinator.

GAVIN HARDY takes us into Perth City Farm to demonstrate the importance of signs.

Gavin shows us two types of signage:

  • wayfinding — where to find features and installations on the farm
  • interpretive — educational signage informing people about some feature or plant.

He shows us how well-designed signs are economical with words are made readable by the use of contrasting colours and sufficiently-large lettering.

Gavin also shows a raised garden and how a mural improves the ambience of the city farm.

Comments (1)

  • Katie
    15/07/2021 at 8:38 am Reply

    Fantastic examples of signage! Thankyou for sharing.
    As a sign writer, permaculturist and Educator about to embark on an overhaul and expansion of our local Community Garden your examples bring great excitement and inspiration. I will share this video with our members.

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