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Category: ABOUT different gardens

Ravenswood Community Garden tour — Tasmania

Insight, information and inspiration were what people attending the community and school gardens tour in Launceston came away with.

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Keeping varroa mite out of Queensland

To ensure Queensland’s valuable honeybee industry and recreational beekeepers remain free from the threat of varroa mite, a new Movement

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Polycultural intercropping with Oscar Danvers

Oscar Danvers takes us through Fairlea Farm in Victoria. Oscar explains his method of utilising polycultural intercropping to grow insane

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WiseGardening app

Sustainable Gardening Australia has developed the WiseGardening app to help people protect their gardens from pests, diseases and weeds -

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School builds frog—insect—butterfly habitat with students

Patricia Dwyer at Currumbin Community Special School has been working hard over the past year to progress the school's sustainability

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Community gardens change makers

Nourishing Matters interviews Naomi and Gavin from Community Gardens Australia.

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Lennox community gardeners tell their story

Lennox Community Gardens story appeared in the Summer 2021/22 edition of Garden Clubs of Australia magazine...

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The Cape Community Farm – a video

The Cape Community Farm — part of a sustainable housing estate in Victoria...

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Long Net Stinkhorn

A very unusual-looking fungus, the veiled stinkhorn grows up to 25cm high with a slimy, conical-shaped cap approx. 50mm x

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Tomato potato psyllid

The Tomato Potato Psyllid is a small flying insect that is the size of a winged aphid.

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