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Ravenswood Community Garden tour — Tasmania

Ravenswood Community Garden tour — Tasmania

Photos and video by Russ Grayson, 4 August 2022

Insight, information and inspiration were what people attending the community and school gardens tour in Launceston came away with. In company with ABC Gardening Australia host Costa Georgiadis, Tasmanian permaculture educator Hannah Moloney and Community Gardens Australia Tasmania coordinator Jo Dean, we toured Ravenswood Heights Primary School’s 24 Carrot Garden, Ravenswood Community Centre’s proposed Ravenswood Food Forest and MACS Shed community garden.

The evening’s Celebrating Community Connections shared multicultural feast and book signing by Costa, Hannah and Rees Campbell, author of edition two of Eat More Wild Tasmanian at Mama’s Cafe in Launceston made this a day to remember.

You can buy Costa’s World, The Good Life and Eat More Wild Tasmanian at:

agriCULTURED event — 5 August 2022

The following day from the community Garden tour agriCULTURED ran an event — Conversations in the City.

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