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Kickstart Arts Community Garden with Nic Stephen

Kickstart Arts Community Garden with Nic Stephen

Video by Russ Grayson, October 2022

Nic reveals why Kickstart Arts Community Garden works so well…

Effective organisation and participatory, democratic decision making are critical to community gardens that want to persist and thrive.

After visiting Kickstart Arts Community Garden in Hobart’s New Town, Russ Grayson came away with the impression that it is heading in that direction. He asked the community garden’s Nic Stephen about how they manage the garden.

In response, Nic spoke about:

How does what Nic says relate to your community gardening experience?

Kickstart Arts CG is a member garden of CGA — visit their map listing on our website.

Nic Stephens talks with Russ Grayson

David Stephen talks about rapid composting

Can too much compost be an embarrassment? David Stephens thinks so.

David is something of a compost expert, so I suppose he should know. Russ Grayson caught up with David at October’s open day at Kickstart Arts Community Garden in New Town, Hobart, where he had a few words to say about rapid hot compositing.

Video by Russ Grayson.

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