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Interview with WA coordinator Chris Smyth

Interview with WA coordinator Chris Smyth

Repost from Permaculture Education Institute with Morag Gamble, November 2022

The final Urban Agriculture Month podcast has dropped, and this one is all about community gardens.⁠

Chris Smyth, the WA coordinator of CGA, joins Morag Gamble to talk about the gardens he founded on the Murdoch University Campus in Western Australia, as well as the community gardening movement around Australia.⁠

Chris established the university gardens while working as a Dean at Murdoch University. He says it was a way to “involve students, staff and local residents to produce food on campus while promoting the idea of resilience, sustainability and self-reliance.”⁠

“These were important factors, particularly for students who are short on money and often don’t eat the right food,” Chris says. “Plus, it (community gardening) is a social activity instead of a welfare arrangement – it’s productive and creative.”⁠

Michael believes that a garden’s ability to connect community members while providing a productive and creative outlet – as well as a food source – is one of the main reasons community gardens are so popular in urban areas. ⁠

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