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David Stephen — CGA Community Gardener of the Year 2022

David Stephen — CGA Community Gardener of the Year 2022

Story by Russ Grayson, December 2022

Working where it counts

Work where it counts. Work with those who want to learn. That’s not some random, trite advice. It comes from none other than Bill Mollison and it well-describes David Stephen’s contribution to public wellbeing.

We know that some people are big heroes. Yet, it is the local heroes who are the most inspiring because they are people like us who do something.

David Stephen is one of those. Here is the man who has started six community gardens, who with Peter Cundall and Lester Jones, kicked off Tasmania’s organic gardening movement in the early 1980s, and who has taught many people how to grow tasty, nutritious organic food. Adult education, school garden education, refugees’ and ex-prisoners’ education are just some that have benefited from David’s decades of experience in growing food and other plants.

Who better than David to be awarded Community Gardens Australia’s first Community Gardener of the Year award? Join David in Hobart’s Kickstart Community Garden as we present him with him this inaugural award.

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