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2019 President’s report

It’s exciting times here at ACFCGN! We have our new Ambassador for Sustainability, John McBain, our new Project Officer, Kylie Newberry and myself as the new President. We’ve all been busy working towards reinvigorating our organisation to meet the expectations of you, our wonderful community gardening community!

One of the most important things we are doing at the moment is pushing our Annual Survey of Community Gardens. We really need you all to participate and spare the 5 minutes it takes to tell us about your local garden. Why? Because we really need to collect data on the impact and importance of community gardens in Australia. This helps us with seeking funding and gives our advocacy work greater impact which in turn will help us support you all into the future. Please engage with the survey and encourage other community gardens you know to do the same by clicking on the link below.

We are also trying to gather your thoughts about who we are as an organisation and what you would like from us into the future. This will help guide our committee as we seek to continuously improve who we are and what we have to offer. You can add your comments in the survey or feel free to get in touch with me directly at

Check out the article we have in this news about the fabulous new Subpod worm farms. An Australian innovation, the Subpod is an underground compost system that feeds the nutrients directly to the soil and roots of plants where it is most needed. A fantastic addition to any community garden and currently selling for only $89.

Well it’s that time of year when many of you are preparing your winter crops and tidying up from the summer harvest whilst those of us in the tropics are starting to look forward to our bumper tomato crops once again. What a fabulous and diverse country we live in! I hope you and your local gardens are doing well. Please share your stories, photos and events and connect with us on our Facebook page to hear all about the latest on everything to do with community gardening. Happy gardening to you all!



Naomi Lacey
CGA President

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