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2018 President’s Report

Hello community gardeners across the country…

What we have been up to…

Your committee has been very active. 2018 is shaping up to be a very productive year.

  • We have a paid Zoom account that enables efficient team meetings even though we are spread across the country.
  • The Zoom service is also available to community garden members of ACFCGN. You can use it to connect up to 100 people for your meetings, garden gatherings or workshops.
  • The recent WA Community Garden Gathering used Zoom to record video of part of the program of speakers, including ACFCGN ambassador, Costa Georgiadis. 2018 WACGG will be posting video and audio of the gathering over the next few weeks to the ACFCGN FB page so keep you eyes peeled. If your garden would like to use it, let me know.
  • Fiona Campbell has been adding new functions to our already well-used website and making it even more user friendly. There is lots of useful information there. Why not take a look? Fiona also coordinates our eNews, so have a read and think about what your garden can contribute: its your eNews. We would love to share your story, your art, your poems or your songs — get published now!
  • Russ Grayson is continually adding useful posts to our FB page and website about a huge range of community garden issues — check them out and give him some feedback
  • We are pledging our official support of The Vegetable Plot. The Vegetable Plot are a bunch of roots musicians who have sprung from the underground on a radical mission: to get kids to fall in love with vegetables! We want to show our support for this amazing group of talented musicians on their journey to create a soundtrack for the food revolution! One that is reconnecting us to the food we eat, and helping kids and families to understand and care about their food, where it comes from and how it’s grown.
  • We invite you to take our annual survey of community gardens. The survey takes about 5 minutes to complete and captures important information about how community gardens operate and benefit their communites.

If you have anything you would like to see your ACFCGNetwork doing that we are not already doing, or some positive feed back. 

My latest news — I set up a Grow Free stall at the front of my property over the weekend. We are on a highway so parking is a bit of a challenge,  however all of the food went to good homes, kitchens and plates. If you think that’s a scarecrow in the background, think again — its our French WOOFer Cedric wearing one of my wizard hats!

“The three most important things about food are being grown, cooked and eaten with love.”

Until next time – happy gardening, happy cooking and happy eating.
John McBain

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