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Recurring: Community Garden m/s (concession)

You are about to join CGA as the NOMINATED REPRESENTATIVE of your community garden.

You are not joining a PARTICULAR COMMUNITY GARDEN here.

  • apply directly to the particular garden you wish to join
  • to find the garden you wish to join, go to the CGA map listing website page to find their contact details.

Community Garden members have voting rights in the organisation. Gardens must nominate a person to vote on their behalf and to act as the point of contact with CGA.

Terms of service
By joining Community Garden Australia (CGA) you must agree to the following terms of service:

  • I declare all the information provided in my registration form is accurate and true at the time of lodgement and apply for my nominated membership of Community Garden Australia
  • I acknowledge that my membership will be presented at the next committee meeting for approval and I will be notified of the outcome
  • I acknowledge if my application for Membership is not approved for any reason, any fees paid will be refunded to me
  • Upon approval, I agree to respect the constitution of Community Garden Australia.

MEMBERSHIP FORM — Recurring Concession Community Garden Membership