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WA support for gardens leading the way

WA support for gardens leading the way


Community Gardens Australia has welcomed the WA government announcement of $308,000 worth of grants to community gardens in WA.

The additional round of funding from the annual Department of Communities community garden grants scheme brings the total for this year to an unprecedented $508k. The usual pool is about $100,000, distributed in grants of up to $10,000.

The extra grants announced today will help new gardens get established, fund developments for existing gardens, support training workshops* and fund university research in our sector.

“This is the biggest investment in community gardens by any government, and we congratulate the WA State Government in leading the way,” said CGA Chair Naomi Lacey.

“This model of dispensing small grants to community garden groups shows how efficient and effective gardens are in delivering a multitude of benefits to their communities.”

“Each week in WA and across Australia community gardens are supplying food, running workshops, holding cultural events and providing a place for people in their local community to belong and connect with each other”, she said.

For more information, contact:

Nicole Ingram
WA Coordinator
0419 208 048

*NB CGA received a grant of $9720 to run core skills workshops for community garden groups.

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