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New project highlights…

New project highlights…

…cultural and culinary diversity of Tasmanian community gardeners

Story by Russ Grayson, August 2023

Bringing together tastes from a range of countries, the launch of the Flavours of Launceston recipe book celebrates the culinary and cultural diversity of Launceston community gardeners.

“The book documents recipes from eleven community gardens in the Launceston area”, said Community Gardens Australia’s Tasmania Coordinator, Jo Dean. 

“The recipes include contributions by Hazari community gardeners from Afghanistan and others from the Pacific Islands, Africa, the Middle East, the Americas, Australia, Nepal and Europe. 

“The story of Fijian earth oven cooking comes from an earth oven meal prepared by Fijians in the garden at Ravenswood Heights Primary School.”

Jo Dean has a long involvement with community-based urban agriculture in the Launceston area. Based in the city’s community and school gardens, her work is mainly with immigrant communities, refugees and primary schools, however from time to time she coordinates a teaching team to offer the Permaculture Design Course in Tasmania’s northern region.

Invitation to participate

Flavours of Launceston is supplemented by the associated Flavours of our Community Gardens website that brings together recipes and food stories of community gardeners Australia-wide. 

“Like Flavours of Launceston, recipes on the website make use of herbs, vegetables and fruits grown in community gardens. We invite community gardeners around Australia to share their recipes and food stories so we can all benefit from them,” said Jo.

“No initiative like this is complete to itself. The recipe book and the website contribute to the broader culture of Northern Tasmania and to the quality of life in our region.”

At their launch in August this year, the recipe book and website were recognised for their contribution to the culinary culture of the northern Tasmanian city by Launceston City of Gastronomy (a UNESCO initiative) spokesperson, Andrew Pitt. 

The book and website were designed by past-local government sustainability and permaculture educator, Fiona Campbell. Editing was by journalist and past-international development worker, Russ Grayson. Jo Dean compiled the recipes in the book and website.

Flavours of Launceston can be downloaded as a pdf file from:

Community gardens can upload recipes using plants grown in their garden here: 


Media enquiries: Jo Dean, Tasmanian Coordinator
0447 089 455 E:


Community Gardens Australia acknowledges the historic and ongoing
custodianship of Australia’s land and waterways by Aboriginal people.

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