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How to join a Community Garden on the Gold Coast

How to join a Community Garden on the Gold Coast

Story and photo by Lyn Mansfield, October 2021



When you walk into any of the community gardens on the Gold Coast you will see a passionate gardener.  If you don’t know what to grow you will always find someone that will share their knowledge and teach you a thing or two.

Some of the activities in a community garden:

  • growing organic vegetables, herbs, fruit, and nut trees  
  • recycling  
  • composting  
  • community meetings  
  • education through workshops  
  • activities for children of all ages  
  • arts and cultural activities.  

The benefits of community gardens:

  • improves the quality of life for people in the area by building strong relationships
  • fosters community engagement
  • preserves the precious green spaces in urban environments  
  • provides opportunities for intergenerational and cross-cultural connections 
  • they are a great way of getting fresh air and exercise with no gym fees
  • great places to learn about gardening and share local and traditional knowledge.  

So, if you have a green thumb or just want to make new friends – community gardens are for everyone.

They are a place of creativity, inspiration, and friendship.   

We hope to see you all soon in one of the many community gardens on the Gold Coast.

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