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Community garden song at WA gathering

Community garden song at WA gathering

Posting as a commemoration for the late Auntie Josie Boyle…

Story by CGA’s Ambassador — John McBain

As part of the Celebrate the Harvest event at Perth City Farm on 24 May 2019, Wongi elder Aunty Josie Boyle performed a version of the Community Garden song ‘Community Garden people are always having Fun’.

This is the 2nd version of this fun dancing tune – feel free to perform it in your community garden. Add some words, and make your own music!

Take a video and share. Community gardeners – sharing and caring.



Lyrics and chords…

(C chord) Community garden people are (F chord) always having fun
(G chord) Out there in the garden in the rain and the (C chord) sun
(C chord)They give the gardens their love their (F chord) helping things to grow
(G chord) Out there all the time with a spade and a hoe.

Just like in the old days they dug their ancient farm
Collecting all the tucker grinding all the seeds
Strike up a corroboree everyone would dance
Taking care of country and everybody’s needs.

Folks tend all the vegies, they plant and they dig
They have a sunny smile what seeds will be
They love to have new faces to help them on their way
To sing and dance the whole day and brighten up their day.

Aunty Josie — Loner Bees

After listening to a Gardening Australia story by Costa Georgiadis about ‘Loner Bees’, Wongutha woman Aunty Josie Boyle remembered a story her late mother told her.

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