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2014 Food 4 Thought — good people, good place, great conviviality

Photo essays…

Photo essay by Russ Grayson, April 2014

IT’S THE PEOPLE who made Food4Thought — the sixth national gathering of the Australian City Farms & Community Gardens Network in Hobart, Tasmania — the convivial experience it was.

The gathering, which took place 21-23 March 2014, brought people from all states and territories together to share their experience and know-how around community and school gardens and community food systems.
This collage captures some of those who attended the gathering. It was created for those who organised the event and for those who made their way to alternately wet, cool and warm Tasmania as a way of saying… thanks.

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A gathering of people making things happen…

Photo essay by Russ Grayson, April 2014

SOLD OUT — that was the story of attendance for the three days — 21-23 March, 2014 — of the Australian City Farms & Community Gardens Network’s sixth national gathering.

With around 150 people in attendance, the hall at Ogilvie High School in Hobart, Tasmania, was fully packed.

The distances people had travelled to attend the gathering reveals the extent to which the practice of community gardening has penetrated Australia’s cities. There they were from as far away as Darwin, Northern Territory; Perth, Western Australia; the Far North Queensland tropics; Brisbane; NSW North Coast; NSW Central Coast; Sydney; Adelaide, South Australia; Melbourne; Bendigo, Victoria; and, of course, Tasmania.

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