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Northbank Community Garden

Northbank Community Garden


Product Description

Welcome to Bellingen’s own garden paradise! This unique sanctuary boasts a large diversity of fauna and flora that nourishes all those who visit it. There are 100’s of foods/herbs, its 100% permaculture and 100% loved by us all. Come and say hi today!

Established in 2008, the garden is an organic non-profit grass-roots venture. It features a large diversity of flora and fauna stretching out over approx 5 acres. There is a communal gathering space with a kitchen, composting toilet and stage.

Everyone is welcomed to either enjoy a piece of fruit from one of the plethora of trees, hangout and make new friends, grow their own plot which would contribute to the overall garden, pick some medicinal herbs or lay back in a hammock and watch the birds and the bees.
All visitors to the garden are asked to be respectful and gentle. The garden sustains itself by hard work and the generosity and honesty of the community. Contributions are made in the form of donations, materials or by working in the garden. The donation box is found at the car park entrance.