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A community garden situated on public land with an established orchard in public space. Strong local membership. Sharing the food we grow and a welcoming smile.

Since 1995 (we think) there’s been a community garden tucked away in Dunstan Reserve in West Brunswick.

A hub for the community, providing residents with an opportunity to:

  • Grow healthy, safe, affordable, organic food
  • Share companionship, skills, and knowledge
  • Participate in and feel a part of their community
  • Enhance their mental and physical well-being
  • add their green/kitchen waste to our compost system
  • Learn to lead a more sustainable life.

Space is roughly split as follows:

  • plots allocated to an individual or household
  • shared but managed communal growing space
  • shared facilities, e.g. compost bays, propagation area, equipment storage
  • learning/teaching/gathering space, paths.

The great thing about this split is that there’s no limit to how many of us can be involved.

Food from the communal plots is shared by those who share the fun of growing. Personal/household plots share some of their bounties too.

Right beside the garden is a Food Forest – a substantial grove of over 30 mature, food-producing trees in public open space that is unique within Melbourne. In being fully open and accessible to everyone, it goes beyond the typical community garden model

We’re striving for a culture that is welcoming and embraces sharing. Sharing of knowledge, food, and companionship. Get involved, meet your neighbours, get your hands dirty and help build something.

Bring a friend with you. Bring your kids. There’s room for everyone

If you’re interested in being actively involved as a communal gardener, applying for a personal plot, or just want to receive our email updates about activities and progress check out our website or Facebook page.

Weekday Meetups: Every Friday 10 am – 12 pm
Garden in company! No need to come every week or stay the whole time or even do any gardening, you can just come along, say hello and sit about and enjoy the view and have a cuppa. Everyone (including kids) welcome, come down and enjoy. See you down there!




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  • Friday 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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