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We are a vibrant community garden in Toowong, Brisbane. We come together to share a love of gardening, community, and good local organic food!

We are an incorporated association, of grass-roots, get-your-hands-dirty group of local and not-so-local residents who come together to do organic gardening and creek rehabilitation within the grounds of Toowong Science, Mathematics and Technology (SMT) Academy, off Vera Street in West Toowong.

We formed in 2005 and have since incorporated and registered as a Community Land Resource Management group with the state department of Natural Resources, Water and Mines. Our aims are to help people of all skill levels come together to establish and maintain organic vegetable garden beds, for shared consumption. Further to this we hope to ‘grow community’ as well, and welcome people who want to make new connections with others.

We have a green vision and hope to be a model for sustainable water use, and to give something back to the land in the work we do helping to rehabilitate Toowong Creek, adjacent to our garden site. There are also opportunities to help make artwork for the garden, get involved in funding applications and other activities associated with running the group.



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