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Officially open in July 2009, it has 40 garden beds. Raised beds for people in wheelchairs.

Varsity Vegies Community Garden is a Not-for-Profit, Sustainability Centre located on the Gold Coast at Varsity Lakes, Queensland.

Varsity Vegies Community Garden is inclusive and welcoming to all people, regardless of age, education, language barrier, or disability. We have a remarkable mix of members from many backgrounds bringing together people and encouraging interaction. All gardeners are encouraged to participate both in the upkeep of the garden, with ongoing tasks and in the decision-making including setting policies.

The garden is a common ground for growing plants that nourish, heal and give pleasure.  A Space where people get their hands in the dirt, work and learn to nourish themselves, their families, and friends. The collective effort of people with the patience and determination to make things grow; the shared labour builds a stronger sense of belonging to the physical environment and connection to other gardeners.

At Varsity Vegies you can look forward to more than fresh fruits and vegetables, cultural exchanges sprout and new friendships that flourish among the diverse group of wonderful people.



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