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The Community garden is a membership based group that is growing chemical free produce using sustainable garden practices.

We are creating a beautiful and sustainable garden that provides healthy produce through community activity.

What’s important to us is:

  • Growing local food
  • Reducing food miles
  • Minimising water and energy use
  • Organic permaculture and biodynamic principals
  • Recycling water and waste
  • Enjoying ourselves!!

Apart from feeling really good about helping our environment, members also get to:

  • Take home beautiful produce after gardening sessions
  • Go on holidays without worrying who is going to water the veggie patch
  • Make the odd new friend – the odder the better!
  • Learn new things
  • Have a lot of fun in the process

What we do includes a whole range of activities, no matter what your abilities:

  • Light work, eg., standing up while watering or harvesting
  • Carpentry projects – building sheds, shades and other infrastructure
  • Irrigation and Plumbing projects – plants need water
  • Digging, wheelbarrowing, weeding, other heavy duty exercise – who needs a gym?
  • Fund raising – easy stuff like garage sales, raffles, produce sales, plus putting on the occasional event
  • Communications
  • Socialising – lots of BYO morning and afternoon teas after work, BBQs, picnics.

We welcome members.

To download a membership form:



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Opening Hours

  • Monday 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • TuesdayClosed
  • WednesdayClosed
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  • FridayClosed
  • Saturday 02:00 PM - 05:00 PM
  • SundayClosed

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