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The Green Corner – Ashgrove Community Garden

298 Waterworks Road Ashgrove QLD 4060

The vision for Ashgrove Green Corner is to restore the garden and provide a valuable facility for use by individuals, community groups, environmental groups and local government in the pursuit of establishing healthy proactive communities.

The long-term hope is for Ashgrove Green Corner to become self-supporting through the provision of workshops, field days, social events, markets and the establishment of a productive nursery.

In keeping with the original aims for Ashgrove Green Corner we provide a welcoming space for all members of the community to enjoy the garden and engage with others in meaningful activities.The Ashgrove Green Corner encourages all green thumbs to come along to land to showcase their gardening skills. All people of all ages, gardening experience and skills are invited to join us.To see our latest projects in the garden or to get in touch, please visit the Green Corner Facebook page.



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