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North Arm Cove Community Garden

North Arm Cove NSW 2324

Our garden is located near the Hall at North Arm Cove, a small community of 200 or so residents about 4 kilometres from the Pacific Highway and clustered around the foreshores of Port Stephens. The garden has around 12 regular members, some are seasonal, others are working from time to time, and we also have up to 10 subscribers who assist by contributing with a yearly picking fee.

We do not have our own plots, we grow mainly veges in 12 garden beds using chem free and permaculture methods and share around the harvest.

The garden group meets every Wednesday morning for a couple of hours and we usually manage to do most of the work required in that time. We grow seedlings at our own homes, or buy from a local organic grower, or swap some of our seed for plants.

Our greatest asset apart from living in a great community is our compost and access to enough water to keep going during dry periods.

North Arm Cove does not have a shop and is 30 minutes away from local bigger supermarkets, so the garden is a great resource, we can always pick a meal no matter what time of year.The garden group also runs yearly activities to raise awareness about ecology and gardening, we conduct a wildflower walk, Pollinator workshops, Land for Wildlife workshops and fundraising at election times.



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