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The Newstead Community Garden and Produce Exchange was one idea that sprouted from the Newstead 2021 Summit, held in May 2008.

In September 2009, we turned the first sod for our garden and sowed a green manure crop. In May 2010 we launched the garden and began growing food.

The Newstead Community Garden aims:

  • To connect our community through gardening, sustainability, and educational activities
  • To generate a culture of sharing, accessibility, and sociability
  • To promote water use efficiency
  • To encourage seasonal, healthy eating and local food security

The garden has individual plots and communal gardening spaces. It is based on organic/biodynamic and permaculture principles. We also aim to incorporate artwork by local artisans, to make the space beautiful, as well as productive.

Our produce exchanges are held on a monthly basis, in Newstead’s main street, outside the Red Store. Local gardeners share their excesses from the garden and catch up on local happenings.




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