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Maribyrnong Edible Garden (MEG) is a community garden in Melbourne’s western suburbs and has been open since July 2012.  We operate with a strong sense of community and have an elected committee of management.

MEG aims to provide an edible and sustainable community garden where members can grow their own vegetables, share their knowledge, culture, and ideas and build links with the local community.  We have individual plots and shared garden areas to help members build food security with a constant supply of fresh, sustainable produce.

MEG also provides education on sustainable gardening to garden members,  their children, and the wider community.

We have 54 raised plots constructed as wicking beds, where water is held in a reservoir under the bed and drawn up by the plants as required. The shared growing areas include the fruit and nut orchard, the citrus grove, and herb beds. We have a large compost area, beehives, worm farms, and an outdoor kitchen and cobb oven where we can enjoy our produce.



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