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The Manjimup Community Garden (MCG) is open to the public, including visitors to the Manjimup Timber & Heritage Park. Whilst individuals, families and organisations may become financial members of the MCG, there are no barriers to any person visiting and enjoying the Garden.
The MCG  is a genuine community  garden for everyone in the Manjimup community,  including community groups and organisations.  It is a place where all are welcome  and encouraged to participate.
The MCG is a place that brings people together to learn, socialise and improve or maintain wellbeing. The MCG encourages people to:

  • meet people, develop friendships and learn skills in a social, fun and friendly environment
  • learn about organics, efficient water use, composting, seed collecting,  seed raising, potting, propagation, organic pest and weed control, mulching etc
  • become more healthy through gardening, by being more active and learning about nutritional food
  • share knowledge across cultures and generations
  • access training opportunities for relatively low or no cost.

The key goal of the MCG is to be a social place which brings people together and builds community  spirit, though engaging in gardening  and related activities.



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