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Operating from Sloan’s Cottage in Leda, We are part of the Worldwide Transition Network as a hub for the people of Kwinana to transition towards a community based on sustainable principles, shared resources and creating a better, stronger Kwinana.

Our mission is to build a resilient community by empowering local people to transition towards a sustainable future.

We will do this by:

  • Promoting inclusivity and social justice
  • Providing a space that allows for collaboration and partnerships with other groups that share our vision for a sustainable future
  • Creating a space where members of the community can explore connection to culture, land and values
  • Encouraging and supporting the value in locally produced goods and services
  • Empowering the community to take initiative in accelerating change.

The community garden is designed with three parts. In the immediate cottage grounds we are planting heritage flowers, herbs, fruit and vegetables. Adjacent to the cottage we are in the process of creating a food forrest. Beyond as well as integrated with the food forrest are our native bush food plantings.



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