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A haven in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne where members can enjoy gardening in a stunning landscape and socialise with many friends of like interests

Knox community gardens consist of 122 individual plots on a Council reserve in Boronia

Most of the plots measure about 3m x 10m. Some smaller plots have been developed recently (about half the size of the large plots) to cover a broader range of needs.

The gardens began in 1984 as an initiative of the City of Knox to allow residents with often small back yards a little more room to garden. The Gardens have since flourished, with many locals having benefited from the fresh vegies they have grown, the new friends with similar interests they have met, and the development of their gardening knowledge through their observation of the many different techniques around them.

Facilities available include a shed for storage and meetings, a BBQ area, sale of materials including manure, seeds, compost, stakes, and cold drinks.




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