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We are a volunteer run community garden group where locals and community groups can rent garden beds, enjoy communal bed produce and join in community gardening.

Interested in hiring a garden bed?

Or helping to maintain some of the communal garden plots?

Hiring one or more beds in the Community Garden brings many benefits. You can have your own seasonal supply of your favourite fresh vegetables, so you can save money and eat healthy food. Perhaps you have small children – why not get the whole family involved in learning the skills needed to grow your own food?

Beds come already filled with vegie mix soil, and can be topped up with your own compost, animal manures and other natural fertilisers. Garden members can use the tools stored in the container at the site, such as forks, spades, wheelbarrows and watering cans.

Annual Membership of the Community Garden is just $60, which includes up to 4 garden beds.

To arrange to hire your garden bed, or to inquire about joining in a working bee with us, please contact Chris on 0407 560 960



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