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The Gunyah Community Garden in the grounds of Northbridge Uniting Church, evolved from a Uniting Innovative Community Grant back in 2015. Something as simple as a Community Garden, when viewed with spirituality, can present some very powerful insights into communion with others. Gardens draw you to them.

The section earmarked for the garden had been covered for years in rubble and weeds.  However,  this presented an exciting prospect, as we could design the garden from scratch.  It had limited exposure to the wind and lots of sun. It also had a garden shed and a water tank. Grass and weeds were cleared, pathways established, wick beds positioned and granite laid around the beds.

There is now a herb spiral built out of old house bricks, fruit trees and passionfruit vines growing along a wooden fence. Borage and nasturtiums tumble onto the sides of pathways creating an essential element of softness. Terracotta pots full of succulents add an element of surprise and appear unexpectedly throughout the garden. Fruit trees not only provide visual interest but there is also the satisfaction of making jams and pickles from the harvested fruit.

Many people hear the word community garden and think of hard work.  This may be true for weeds, never take a holiday. But whether you are a new or an experienced gardener, young or old gardening can ease stress, keep you limber, and even improve your mood.

“Gunyah”, is an Aboriginal word for bark hut or shelter and our latest project is to establish a bush tucker garden, native to Australia.

So why not join us every Tuesday from 9:30 am, Gunyah Street, Northbridge, in the Willoughby Northbridge Uniting Church garden



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