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Welcome to the Gum Tree Community Garden, we want to provide and grow lots of fruit veg and connect people within Littlehampton and the greater hills community. This garden is open to absolutely anyone in the community that would like to get involved. Please come and enjoy the space, there is plenty of nature to enjoy. Come walk your dog, but please don’t let them eat the sheep next door!

There is a lot of care and effort that goes into sustaining a healthy garden – and we need YOUR help! Planting, weeding, mulching, raising seedlings, watering.. There is a job for everyone. “Many hands make light work.” Head to the get involved page if you would like to help run the garden.

Governing principles for the garden are:

  • Share
  • Give
  • Be selfless, put others before yourself
  • Try to give back to the garden (but if you can’t that’s ok)
  • Be nice

Everyone is welcome, please feel free to come in and use the space and produce from the garden.



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