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We meet Sunday mornings from 9am at the corner of Hardey Road and Glen Forrest Drive. Visit any time!

Visit any time. We meet Sunday mornings. The group was formed in late 2008, with a vision of establishing a community garden in Glen Forrest where everyone could come and grow all kinds of flowers, fruit and vegetables, in a fun, permaculture-inspired kind of way.

We just know that happen-chance, lots of other things might serendipitously and spontaneously happen along the way, like rediscovering the value and values of community, sharing, and living the ‘I am because we are’ ethos.

Kind of like an English commons or village green for the 21st century!

However, we don’t want to be limited to one location – we welcome all ideas for all kinds of ways to create a sense of community all around Glen Forrest and surrounding areas. To this end, we’d love you to put down all your crazy ideas or long-held passions about sustainable living, edible landscapes, integrating art or music with our gardens, a chain of gardens, (a ‘wildlife corridor’ for humans along the heritage trail!), great workshop ideas, or just healthy communities in general, that have been quietly lying fallow in the dusty back blocks of your mind over the years, just waiting to take seed and spring to life! Please feel free to hit the keyboard and let your ideas germinate and blossom!



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