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Freshie Community Garden seeks to create an attractive, welcome, shared, and safe place to grow fruit trees, vegetables, and flowers using sustainable practices, and to promote social harmony and inclusion through building community capacity.

Our aims are to:

  • encourage the spirit of cooperation, consultation, community pride, and achievement,
  • build the capacity of the community through the development of skills and knowledge,
  • provide opportunities for formal and informal learning about recycling resources (including garden organic recycling), reduction of waste and water, composting and other techniques associated with sustainable living,
  • promote community connection and understanding through meeting and socialising with like-minded people,
  • cooperate with nature to establish and maintain an ecologically balanced and sustainable method of growing fruit, vegetables, flowers, and trees and
  • support the growth of similar gardens through the provision of information and resources where possible.

There is a playground at the northern end of the park adjacent to Crown Road.

Freshie Community Garden is a perfect place for everyone, from young families to retired people.



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