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A free community garden promoting a friendly & neighbourly approach to the learning and sharing of all things sustainable, homemade & home-grown.

* Organic * Sustainable * Hand-Made
* Home-Grown * Bush-Tucker
* Fun * Friendship * Generosity
* Good Neighbours

The Patron of Fiacre’s Feast Free Community Garden is St Fiacre (Pronounced Fee-ah-cra).

St Fiacre is the saint of gardeners, who apart from creating a lush garden around where he lived, he also established a hospice where he cared for travelers. Many people came to St Fiacre for advice and the poor especially found in him kindness, compassion and generosity.

In the Fiacre’s Feast Free Community Garden we seek to follow in the footsteps of St Fiacre -restoring the land, caring for our environment, supporting the vulnerable and working well with honesty and purpose for the benefit our our local community.

The entire Fiacre’s Feast garden is a shared community space. People who live in the Rutherford-Telarah and surrounding communities (NSW) will be able to apply for a free membership.

We hope to create a garden space where people can come together in order to to access, learn about and share interests and skills in all things self sufficient, home-made & home grown. We also hope that in time we will create a community garden hub that is busy with all sorts of projects, workshops & activities.

Everyone is welcome.

Garden is located at St Christorpher’s Anglican Parish, Cnr Verge & Gillies St Rutherford NSW

Contact: Mother Moira Evers on 02 4932 8604.


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