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Hidden in plain sight, this guerilla verge garden has evolved over 5 years, demonstrating basic permaculture principles to passersby, and slowly enriching the soil and biodiversity of an abandoned railway corridor. The area has been hand-weeded along 75 metres of roadside verge & planted out using seasonal seed saving techniques, cuttings, and native plants from the Wollongong Botanic Gardens.

There is no water on-site, so all plants must survive the summers by growing their roots deep. Local compost is made and used as mulch. Weeds are chopped-n-dropped, neighbours donate their grass clippings and hedge clippings as mulch, and hungry chickens help to keep the ‘Trad’ down.

Bees, birds, worms, and bugs are encouraged to populate the garden areas. Herbs, flowers, fruit trees, and vegetables tumble past each other along the north-facing verge and companion plant inadvertently! There is not a straight line in sight.

Austinmer artists Imogen Ross and Louise Manner have collaborated creatively with local families to paint a large fence mural that tells the story of the large 80yr old oak tree on the corner as well as creating a stunning plastic flower garden on the railway fence nearby.

Come and visit this beautiful verge garden anytime with your kids and get inspired about combining public art, up-cycled sculpture, and plants on your street! See if you can find a ripe strawberry, identify native spinach (Warrigal Greens), and spot the wild cucumbers.



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